Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Glamorama!

This year my sister, Norrie (and I imagine my neice Cami had something to do with it), surprised me with some Christmas decor hand-me-downs from Nordstrom. They are so fabu-fun-a-licious, I had to share them and thank them for thinking of me!

Afterall, every girl needs a little Christmas Glam! Thank you!!!

Let it Snow

So, Utah got dumped on yesterday... finally. Now, as you may know, I'm not a big fan of snow. I don't ski and I'm not particularly crazy about a white Christmas. However, there are a few things about snow I do love. They are:

1) Ice Skating - yes, you can do this inside, year round and you don't need snow, but there is nothing like skating outside on a rink with the beauty of snow all around you.

2) How the field next to my house looks, covered in white, with the contrast of beautiful, bare, black-barked trees against it. This view is breath-taking with the morning sun streaking across the white blanket.

3) DOG SLEDDING! One of the funnest things I have ever done in my life was dog-sledding in Canada. About two years ago, I went with some friends to the beautiful land of Whistler. We not only got to sit on the sled, we got to MUSH! Take a look at the video I took while mushing!

Just one thing I want to know... Where can I dog-sled in Utah?